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  • Getting on Top of Fear

    Getting on top of fear

    For some time, I have observed how everyday life can be based on fear. If I feel fear is a natural thing— something necessary. I may fear speaking disrespectful words or acting in ways that harm a relationship. Also some people say fear is good for growth yet when abused, it leaves us feeling damaged. Other fear comes from anxiety about the future or uncomfortable experiences in the past. Day by day I sense this kind of fear is rising due to people’s increasing commitments.

  • Coconut Polenta Pudding
  • About_BK_Environment


    Welcome. This Green blog is dedicated to caring for and healing our natural world.

    Recognising our role as souls who are custodians of the planet, students of the Brahma Kumaris endeavour to live in harmony with our natural world. Our spirituality means living a life that naturally embraces the wellbeing of the individual, the family, the community and our natural world with least impact on resources. To explore more about the link between spirituality and the environment, and support those who work in the environment and sustainability areas we offer programs and retreats at our Centres for Spiritual Learning. The five main principles of our environmental initiatives are:

    • Living with simplicity
    • Buying compassionately
    • Using economically
    • Learning continuously
    • Sharing generously

    Although the blog covers a wide range of topics, most articles will fall into these 5 core categories, which form the BK Environmental Commitment.

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    Young Adults iMeditate

    As young adults from various ethnic and religious backgrounds who have a variety of careers, we share a common aim to consciously co-create a more peaceful, happy, and loving self and world, from the inside-out. We welcome you to join our iMeditate programs for young adults offered around Australia. These events allow you to:

    • Practise BK meditation
    • Relax, rejuvenate, restore, re-charge, re-focus, re-energise
    •
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