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  • Raja Yoga Meditation

    Raja Yoga Meditation

    Welcome to our Raja Yoga meditation blog. This blog will focus on Raja Yoga meditation used by the Brahma Kumaris community in Australia, and people’s experiences with Raja Yoga meditation.

    The focus of this meditation is to awaken and nourish our sense of self as a spiritual being — a soul —who has a natural instinct for peace of mind and respect for all living beings, including animals and our planet.


    When we feel stress building in our life, it may cloud our ability to stay aware that ‘I am a peaceful soul’, especially when handling high pressure in relationships at home or work. Because Raja Yoga meditation nourishes our connection with the divine and clarifies the laws of karma and the cycle of time, the meditations offer us extra wisdom to help us stay on track and be peaceful no matter what is happening.

    We welcome your contributions to make this blog relevant to you. We will answer questions about Raja Yoga meditation and offer tips for staying peaceful and powerful. The comments that follow will shed light on how to use this meditation to give you practical support.

    Feel free to ask questions about Raja Yoga meditation and the yoga lifestyle, so that you understand them clearly.

    Warmest om shanti.                                                                                                



    Note: all contributors are requested to express their opinions in thoughtful and respectful ways. Each comment will be moderated in this light.

    Also, you may know that there are many forms of meditation, and some use breathing techniques or body postures to achieve quietness of the body and mind. If you wish to know more about those techniques, may I suggest that you contact the meditation and yoga schools that teach those methods. Brahma Kumaris Australia does not specialize in those approaches.