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  • Forgive and Forget

    Forgive and Forget

    Lately I have been facing situations where the only way out is to forgive and forget. I emphasize the ‘and’ as I feel both are equally vital. I cannot forget without forgiving. When I choose to put this into practice, I feel a great sense of lightness within me rather than unnecessarily carrying a burden or bondage.

    I often picture myself as a fruit tree. No matter how many storms come, or if someone throws rocks at me, I will still stand straight and the branches full of ripe fruits will bend down. Hence, when I come across scenes of insult, defamation or blame, I will still ‘bow down’ spiritually by sharing my qualities i.e. the fruits and stay in this self-respect.

    I would like to share one particular example. I faced a scene where I was misunderstood and instead of the person accepting their mistake and for self-defence it became a blame game. Honestly, initially I did feel a little ‘prick’ because I didn’t expect anything adverse to come up from a conversation coming from a pure heart. However, there were no ill feelings towards to the person. I thought this was total misunderstanding.
    The next day, the person approached me to check whether my feelings weren’t hurt, may be out of guilt, who knows. I felt I have to ‘settle down’ the situation and so with humility, I apologised with a smile even though I was not wrong but I thought the other person was also right in his own way. I said ‘it is all good’. My aim was to save the relationship by sharing my fruit of forgiveness, without expecting anything in return or else the ego would win. In return, the person also apologised.

    The end result was that there was no tension or any negative energy between us. I felt spiritually powerful. The situation just came to test how I will react or respond and then it passed...

    I would like to point out that to me spiritual love is the main drive towards forgiving. In this case, I know that the other person was blind folded by their ego and was not aware of it. I had to help them remove it because I know that the original nature of us souls is full of qualities. Where there is love, there is no feeling of tolerating out of compulsion. The experience becomes natural and effortless.

    I remember this scene because it was a beautiful experience where self-transformation saved the relationship.

    © 2017, BK Sapna

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