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  • My inner stage

    My inner stage

    Lately, my spiritual efforts have focussed on creating and maintaining an unshakeable and immovable stage when I am in the midst of a chaotic, negative or sorrowful atmosphere. However, not only in regards to the atmosphere around me, but also when I am faced with insults and misunderstandings.

    You may be wondering what I mean by ‘inner stage’. It is the subtle spiritual energy inside me that I hold on to no matter what happens externally. The energy could be of purity, faith, silence, power to tolerate, etc. I am seated on my seat of self-respect. I am protecting that subtle inner vibration and looking after it so well that I don’t allow any negativity or waste to be mixed with it. 

    Let me share a few experiences. 

    At my previous workplace, there was not one day where I was not insulted or misunderstood. I tried to make them understand but it turned out to be a game of ‘ping pong’ as the other person would keep defending themselves. It was leading to an argument and so I thought there is no point justifying, I will put a stop to this. What was more important to me was to look after my subtle inner energy and not letting it drain. I just didn’t want to compromise my state of mind and hence, chose not to get caught up in convincing or proving myself to anyone. Instead of defending myself, I bathed in the silence within me where I didn’t need to prove my value. 

    Silence became my power. It made me resilient. 

    Recently, a few others and I witnessed a scene where a father had to face his daughter’s dead body, who was in her 40’s. As the result of a suicide, the atmosphere was full of sorrow and hurt. It was naturally a very disturbing scene. My first thought went to the father: how will I help him at such a time? Then I also thought: if I am ‘shaken’ inside then can I stay in the self-respect of being a ‘spiritual server’?
    At that moment, with the consciousness of being a spiritual server, I could instantly emerge the power to face and accept. I remained quiet, holding onto this powerful centre. At the same time, I felt my stage emitting strong peaceful vibrations and calmed the overall atmosphere, dispelling any chance of chaos. 

    In the above scenarios, I tuned into this frequency of truth of who I am…a soul filled with divine qualities and spiritual powers. Rather than getting lost in the sensationalism of the situation or getting affected by the atmosphere, I plug into my inner stage of stability. As is my stage, so are the vibrations emitted and thus the aura around me. If I had let the situations influence me, I wouldn’t have been able to help myself or others, spiritually. 

    I’d like to point out something vital that really struck me during the above scenes in the drama of life. The only way I can awaken my inner stability, spiritual powers and innate virtues is by constantly connecting with the Supreme Soul and not temporarily extracting these inner treasures from other human beings. Let’s take the example of our mobile phone’s battery. I won’t charge it by using another battery but instead I will use a charger and plug it to a power point. Similarly I, the soul, can be recharged by connecting with my Supreme Father, the ultimate source of permanent spiritual attainment. As His child, I have a right.

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