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  • A Detached Observer

    A Detached Observer

    Lately I have been practicing my spiritual efforts to be a detached observer. I feel that this broad bird’s eye ‘view’ is so vital in today’s times of hurt, sorrow and suffering. For me, it has been a beautiful pivot to gain some perspective on my ‘inner stage’ whilst taping into my inner wisdom.

    Being detached doesn’t mean in the physical sense or being aloof, cold or uncaring but being stable on the seat of self-respect, my original identity - a soul.

    Imagine standing on top of a cliff looking down at the valley or watching a movie in the cinema. I am not an actor in that movie scene, but I just watch and enjoy myself as each of the actor plays their role; I simply enjoy the view of the valley from a distance. In this way, I get to see the bigger picture rather than go into the details of the situation. This attitude of a detached observer allows me the space to gently and constructively judge with a heightened level of clarity and calm as well as transform my feelings and behaviour. Hence, rather than reacting or taking things personally and spoiling my day for no reason, I respond to the situation by emerging my innate qualities and spiritual powers. 

    Ever noticed how a lotus flower grows? In the midst of dirty water, the lotus blooms and radiates its colour and brightness to the world around it. Unaffected by its muddy surroundings, it still rises and grows into a symbol of beauty, simplicity and dignity. The mud represents the world around us – a world running on body consciousness and so murky from the five vices of attachment, ego, greed, lust and anger. 

    When I recognize my original identity as a soul and become a detached observer, I break free from any muddy water and bloom into self-awareness. I then become immune to what someone says/does to me, how they say/do it or however the situation comes in front of me. I, the soul become unshakeable and immovable as I know that my original religion is peace…my state of mind is peace…I am a peaceful soul. When I awaken this elevated consciousness, I am then able to have good wishes and pure feelings for everyone around me, no matter who it is or what has happened. I absorb no sorrow, negativity or waste on board. I feel safe too. 

    Next time, you come across any challenging situation, before acting or re-acting…step back…keep a distance between the conscious of “I” the soul and your actions and thoughts. Observe yourself, strengthen your sense of peace and then respond! And see how this art allows greater freedom and tranquillity in your life...

    © 2016, BK Sapna