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  • Being a Fragrant Flower

    Being a Fragrant Flower

    Every time I see a flower, especially a rose, it gets me churning about the relationship between a soul and the Supreme Soul.

    Without the right atmosphere and setting, a rose cannot grow into its perfect form. Each flower blooms in an individual way, i.e. it does not depend on other flowers for strength as each one has its own process of growing. As we know, a flower begins its journey as a bud and with the sunlight, fertilizer and water; it grows into a fully bloomed flower, spreading its beauty into the distance.

    In current times, body consciousness and materialism has made us, the souls, wilt. We have forgotten our original identity. We tend to seek love, happiness and peace from others when they too are in the same boat. Therefore, for us to bloom, we need to ‘sun bathe’ under the Divine who is the Ocean of Knowledge, Peace, Love and Happiness. Daily spiritual knowledge of the self and the Supreme Soul is our fertiliser, which reaches us while we meditate. Sitting in the Divine’s remembrance is like water for the soul. This attention is one key for removing impurities, weakness or defects within us and taping into our divinity.

    Next time you see a rose notice how it spreads beauty. Although the colour and form is gross, what is so subtle is that the rose naturally ‘touches’ you through its fragrance without expecting anything in return. Similarly, the Divine unconditionally gives us knowledge, spiritual powers, purity, peace, love, happiness and bliss that make up the beauty of I, the soul. In turn I can spread my spiritual fragrance and sparkle to all souls and the five elements (water, sky, land, fire and ether) using my original innate qualities without wanting anything in return. My only intention is to return everything to its highest form, using my thoughts, words and actions anytime and anywhere, in an unlimited way.

    So, next time you see a flower, ask yourself do you want the world to be a garden of flowers or a forest of thorns with wilted flowers? Then perhaps I can shift my focus more often to the source of my sunlight, fertilizer and water that will enable me to spread natural fragrance. I can also check if this subtle power is coming from others or the Supreme Soul, the Highest on High?

    © 2016, BK Sapna