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  • Inside out

    Inside out

    The power to withdraw has become foreign in this noisy, superficial and materialistic world. However it is one spiritual power that rests dormant in us. Once awakened, it creates a beautiful space away from the bombardment of words, worries, options, deadlines and fears, leaving a healthy distance from outside pressure and rush. Like a tortoise sheltering its head inside the shell, I tap into my silent reservoir and meet myself, the soul, the original and eternal part of myself.

    In this state, I feel my original energy of peace, love and happiness as personal reality. In this tranquil solitude, I feel relieved of the burden of unnecessary thoughts, words and deeds. I step away from extroversion, clamour and the rush of daily life and rest my thoughts on a still point. This inner quietness recharges my battery and refills my spiritual fuel tank. Using the power to withdraw in this way, I stabilise myself in peace. I am not running away or rejecting life and its challenges; neither am I isolating myself out of fear or distaste, but by turning inwards and diving to the bottom of my inner ocean, outside waves and tsunamis of emotion and reactions cannot find me, let alone hit me. I also claim the opportunity to examine the changes I need to make to improve the situation without being pushed by fear of others’ expectations or demands. I feel safe. Also, by being in this neutral state, I find answers to questions. I find clarity without holding onto irrelevant details that block my perception of the bigger picture. I discern clearly what is best to think, say or do. I feel a sense of detachment as I now observe the world outside. I can now decide when and how to act because I don’t let the ‘outside’ world affect me. ‘Detachment is not a question of becoming separate from the material world, but of simply remaining conscious of yourself as a spiritual being whilst being in the world and playing your part’ – Dadi Janki Recognising this choice, however, raises the question, ‘how can a mobile phone recharge itself?’ Of course, it cannot. Every battery needs to be charged from an external power source. Same for us. When I, the soul turn inwards, I am able to tune to God who is the ultimate source of unlimited power and the only soul who can recharge me. To do this, I dig deep within me, concentrating fully on my original self. By moving closer to the Supreme Source energetically, I receive a current of energy that dissolves impurity.

    After the recharge, like the tortoise that pops its head out of its shell, I use this fresh energy to live in a coherent and positive way. I function in the world of entanglements more easily and when events slam into me suddenly, I remain secure and grounded. By keeping my mind peaceful, I feel at peace with anything or anyone, at any level without fear or conflict. I feel re-energised and empowered. For this process to transform me for the better I must realise the importance of practising this concentrated introspection for a couple of minutes every hour. Yes. Every hour. Very soon I feel how refreshing this mini-timeout from my busy-ness can be. My experiences become INsperiences.

    I feel free. No more letting in the grit of life. Instead, I let the best vibes out.

    Travel well,