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  • Soul Time

    Soul time

    Many of us spend our daylight hours reacting to what’s happened. What someone has said, or even being upset about something that might happen! A rare few actually choose to act in full awareness of what he/she is doing and the likely consequences. In light of this human habit, my personal quest has been to become more alert to what I think and do, and only act in a way that I feel is creative and constructive. If possible, a gentle touch doesn’t go astray either because I know that what I send out into the world comes back to me, often straight away.


    A long time ago, I heard about living as an ‘actor’ and not as a ‘reactor’. This personal focus has kept me busy as I enjoy the process of checking myself inside out to be sure that I am really living and relating in a fashion that makes others feel supported, happy and content, and leaves me feeling great too.

    To help me learn about myself, I use my meditation time to reflect peacefully on the quality of my daily activity, and take fuel for my waking hours when I reenter the ‘theatre of life’. Every chat, turn of phrase, passing hello and dialogue leaves an impression in my mind, in the same way my words affect others. Even my gestures, grimaces and twitches can cast a shadow in my connections and leave people thinking things that I did not intend or in fact, do.

    These illusory moments in relationships can hamper me a lot, and it’s only the quality of the silence in my early morning meditation and during the work day, which mirrors my ways back to myself, so that I get a clear picture of how I am coming across to other people, or how they might perceive me. For this reason, the depth of my silence in meditation, where thoughts reach a focus of just one thought, is important. This silent mental posturing is essential for success in my connections with people. This position is called being just a ‘dot’. One thought. The quality of the thought is my choice; be it peace, love, strength, tolerance, compassion or plain old happiness. I have learnt to hold just one thought for 10 minutes, 20 minutes, one hour…

    When I nestle my mind in this silent virtue, beyond any thoughts, I feel satisfied on a soul level. This inner point of spirituality pours a sense of my eternal value, like fresh mountain water, throughout my mind and body.

    I make a point of setting aside some time in my diary for this treasured practice allowing this personal silence to help me stock up on concentration, discernment and wisdom too. I also see how all the virtues come into play too when needed, as I feed myself, the soul, with spiritual light and might from the source of the all virtues, the Supreme.

    Have you made quiet time a top priority in your day? What steps can you take to make this happen seamlessly, so that it becomes as natural (and essential) as having lunch or reaching for that coffee?

    Experience the still point.
    For the next 4 weeks, take time to explore your power of silence. Dedicate 20–30 minutes each day to being in a quiet zone that is free of distraction, ringing phones, demanding voices, etc. During that time—at home or in a special place in nature—locate the still point ‘inside’, where you can research the power of your good wishes for yourself, your family and community, and humanity.

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