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  • Accepting people as they are

    Accepting people as they are

    ‘When we make this moment happy, we increase our chances of enjoying the next moment too’

    Sometimes we feel that other people are giving us sorrow by not acting the way we want. When facing this challenge on our spiritual path, we first understand that everyone is not going to behave according to our expectations.

    Each person is living his or her own story complete with its unique set of limitations that are born of countless reasons only known to the person him/herself. And we can’t alter that fact.

    Keeping this reality in mind helps us accept all situations, appreciate the human variety and save us from being judgmental. Using any label to describe a person will colour our attitudes from that point forward and, potentially, damage many relationships. 

    Another benefit of accepting people as they are is that we can stay aware that an angry response from us will not improve the situation. With this awareness, we step back from commenting. This effort will also protect our dignity and interests. Our good wishes and pure feelings for everyone regardless of what they say/do will help us stay happy under all circumstances, shielding us from negative vibrations too. And as an extra benefit, we find that even those who feel negative about us will gradually become friendlier when we sustain uplifting attitudes. When people see that we do not react to any negative feelings, they may realise our virtues and identify their mistakes too and improve. 


    Equally, as we free ourselves from expectations, we also see how personal desires can rob us of happiness. While it is reasonable to desire progress in life and to live comfortably, many of our desires stem from greed and if they are not fulfilled, the mind may flood with sadness and disappointment. To reduce this sorrow in the mind, we can learn to discern our real ‘needs’ from the artificial ‘wants’, and choose wisely. 

    People go to great lengths to create well-being and stay healthy because they believe that these are the main sources of happiness. In fact, the truth is the other way round. If you are happy, you will remain healthy. When we are happy, the body’s nervous and endocrine systems work optimally, ensuring that all biochemical processes take place smoothly and keep us healthy. If there is a chronic illness in the body, staying happy will keep our spirits above the pain and keep us feeling optimistic about the future. We understand that the illness is just a passing cloud on our spiritual journey.

    Happiness is the best nourishment. To increase our stock of happiness, we should share it. Happiness grows by giving and brings blessings from others to the giver of the good wishes. So if we keep giving happiness, our mind will stay in good spirits automatically and other people will enjoy our company. 

    Question: What character strengths do you observe yourself? In your colleagues?


    Travel well,


    ‘When we make this moment happy, we increase our chances of enjoying the next moment too’