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    What is so special about home cooking? It's the love that a parent adds to the food while cooking. The feelings and emotions with which food is prepared affect taste, colour and power to nourish; even the atmosphere in which meals are consumed has an impact on food. The Brahma Kumaris explain that this principle applies to everything in our lives.

    The world over, we are waking up to the urgent need for us to stop exploiting nature to serve our meat-based traditions. The media is shining light on how much the fast food we consume feeds rising levels of food allergies, imbalanced hormones, weakened immune and nervous systems, and attention deficits, for example. We sense that we need to change what we eat— sooner rather than later.


    Even in agriculture, science is now blending with spirituality to get best results. On the ground, farming practices are returning to being compassionate, eco-friendly, and empowering people and nature, in place of industrialisation.

    Masaru Emoto, Japanese author and researcher, showed us that human consciousness affects the molecular structure of water, which you may have proven for yourself with houseplants. If you ignore them, they wilt and perhaps die (even if you feed them). But if you care for them lovingly, they thrive. 

    Over the past decade, the Brahma Kumaris in Italy and India have experimented with sustainable yogic agriculture (aka sashwat yogic kheti). This approach strengthens seeds and grains with Raja Yoga meditation, using organic cultivation methods to grow chemical-free crops. The results (TAM LINK) have been significant and anecdotes share how this practice has improved the lives of farmers, their families and communities, while statistically significant outcomes remain convincing.  Other than that its just common sense. If you infuse positive and loving energy into any task—cooking, painting, parenting, farming—there can only be thriving success.

    Just a few weeks ago in September, the Indian Minister for Agriculture, Radha Mohan Singh endorsed yogic farming and encouraged farmers to take it up. Yogic farming takes organic farming to another level. Whereas chemical-based farming raises concern about blood poisons etc., yogic farming not only co-operates with nature, it empowers everything.

    Worth a try don’t you think?

    The Green Team


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