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  • Getting on Top of Fear

    Getting on top of fear

    For some time, I have observed how everyday life can be based on fear. If I feel fear is a natural thing— something necessary. I may fear speaking disrespectful words or acting in ways that harm a relationship. Also some people say fear is good for growth yet when abused, it leaves us feeling damaged. Other fear comes from anxiety about the future or uncomfortable experiences in the past. Day by day I sense this kind of fear is rising due to people’s increasing commitments.

    But when someone says that they are fearless, it sounds weird. I always thought being fearless was just an illusion until the day I recognized my real self. Then I began to appreciate the present moment. This made me realize that everything that is happening around me or with me is like a movie, and I am just an actor (or actress) changing costumes for each different part I play. This understanding made me appreciate every person I met, the task at hand and life’s beauty. For this reason, I no longer have the fear I once did.

    I put this improvement down to keeping the idea of a ‘Master Director’ in mind: the one who has put a lot of thought into the script, directing and producing the movie for release. When that amount of time and energy is dedicated to a task, how can anything go wrong? Keeping this perspective in mind, all I have to do was enjoy my role, have fun and stay happy.

    I feel fear is self-made and somehow, invisibly, it is one way I let people or situations control me. They may want to control my choices but if I am aware, I can stop this pattern repeating. And when I keep looking at the big picture, and live out each moment aware that I am the one who chooses everything I think and do, I become stronger and fill with power. In that moment, nothing can shake me. Try it for yourself.

    Question: What virtue is the opposite of fear?