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    Welcome. This Green blog is dedicated to caring for and healing our natural world.

    Recognising our role as souls who are custodians of the planet, students of the Brahma Kumaris endeavour to live in harmony with our natural world. Our spirituality means living a life that naturally embraces the wellbeing of the individual, the family, the community and our natural world with least impact on resources. To explore more about the link between spirituality and the environment, and support those who work in the environment and sustainability areas we offer programs and retreats at our Centres for Spiritual Learning. The five main principles of our environmental initiatives are:

    • Living with simplicity
    • Buying compassionately
    • Using economically
    • Learning continuously
    • Sharing generously

    Although the blog covers a wide range of topics, most articles will fall into these 5 core categories, which form the BK Environmental Commitment.

    All international BK environmental initiatives diverge from traditional environmental activism by taking a broader and more holistic approach by being aware of the ‘living system’ that we and our natural world are inextricably part of, and harnessing the greatest power that human souls have at their disposal – the power of the awareness of being spiritual, not material.

    Rather than highlighting atrocities against nature, the blog encourages discussion about how we can live with, preserve and heal our natural world by practising spirituality. We endeavour to use our energy productively in spiritually-based solutions to environmental problems rather than heated activism or despondent hopeless venting.

    Live with simplicity
    Before we buy or use any of our resources, ask ourselves “is this really necessary?”,“is there a better way to do this?”

    Buy compassionately
    Source environmentally friendly choices when buying commodities as much as possible.

    Use economically
    Use resources carefully, from a place of respect and gratitude for the people and Mother Earth who produced them, and the resources that were used to create them.

    Learn continuously
    Always be open to learning from such things as nature, history, science, religion and each other.

    Share generously
    Share information, experiences, insights with others to generate best environmental practices in our families and communities.

    To know more about these initiatives, please visit www.environment.brahmakumaris.org