I am Light

I am Light Being free of the physical world on the inside of yourself is liberating and empowering.  To know you are a personality, a being of light energy and not your bones, not your face, not your legs or waist lets you be free of all those complications. You learn to like yourself on

Seeing the Good

Seeing the Good by Sally Segal

The Power of Thoughts

The Power of Thoughts Thoughts are like a seed. Whatever thoughts we think – we get the fruit of those thoughts (good or bad). Yogis understand that our thoughts also create a vibration and vibration is energy. Interestingly, vibration also sets the tone of the feeling and most of us know this by “I get

Surviving Spiritually

Surviving Spiritually by Shakti Recently I came to explore the Survival Industry where they find simple ways of “surviving” using the bare minimum.  What I love the most about this is the practicality and the simple way we can apply these or same principles to our lives – to nurture ourselves, take care of ourselves,