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An introduction to meditation that offers simple knowledge of self and time, along with meditation practices.


BK meditation course

Foundation course

Our most popular course is the Brahma Kumaris Foundation Course in Meditation, conducted in two parts. This introduction offers practical knowledge about the human soul and time. Quite naturally, during the course, you may find yourself thinking ‘I feel like I know that!’ or, ‘That’s great!’ We agree that this course will likely bring you home to the essential you. Spoken meditations linking you to your true self are also included. Through these meditation practices, you learn to remind yourself that you are, in essence, a soul with a reservoir of peace at your core. Experiencing this outcome is often more than enough to inspire you to meditate each day.

Above all, we need environments that nurture our remembering and trigger our spiritual awakening. All Brahma Kumaris Centres offer atmospheres of tranquillity and study to engender deeper appreciation of each person and the gifts they bring to the community. Course locations are found here or you can study online here.