Each year the Peace of Mind Retreat is for run for professionals, community leaders, friends of the Brahma Kumaris, and those who have an active interest in living a spiritual life in their own way. The majority of participants are connected in some way with the Brahma Kumaris and are therefore likely to appreciate the philosophy, practices and spiritual exchange. The daily program consists of meditation, exercise, classes, tours to other campuses, temples and parks, shopping, a little free time, and a lot of good company and new friends. Participation is by invitation only and there are limited numbers accepted to ensure comfort, and best possible learning space for each participant of this very special retreat.

The Program ...

Stepping into a different lifestyle for a week.

  • Sharing a daily meditation program with an emphasis on spiritual exploration.
  • Daily Classes with Experienced Teachers and Special Meetings with Senior Yogis.
  • Meeting with like-minded people and making new friends.
  • Touring the various campuses within the Brahma Kumaris locations and see the full gamut of the organisation.
  • Time for Quiet Walks, Self Reflection & Journalling.
  • Special Meditations in Special Places.

Things To Do...