In 1988, as a follow-up to the Million Minutes of Peace Appeal, the Brahma Kumaris undertook the project, Global Cooperation for a Better World. Essentially, the aim was to gather in words or pictures, responses to the question, What is your vision of a better world? In answering the question, people were asked to observe just one Golden Rule: to couch their replies in positive terms (and not as a negation of anything they disliked). Some of the visions are below.

Global Co-operation for a Better World focused entirely on hopeful visions of the future. It ignored the negative. This was deliberate. As the world nears the end of Kali Yuga (the time of darkness), the negative forces in the world will intensify. To counteract that and bring transformation, we must concentrate as never before on the positive. The global conversion from negative to positive energy can only be created through a heightening of individual consciousness, an awakening inside the human spirit. We believe that when individuals become aware of their true nature, their innate and unique worth, they cannot harbor negativity within themselves. The spiritually aware person is in touch with the greatness of the universal force for good that we call God. Global Co-operation for a better world collects the testimony of people's hearts - their hopes, wishes and dreams. It is clear that the process of transformation from negativity to positivity is something of great value. Connect to your goodness and follow the dream from your heart.

Dadi Prakashmani

The Story of Our World ...

1. Once upon a time there lived a beautiful world, a happy world. The sun shone on it all the time; everyone loved it and it belonged to everyone.
Gradually the world grew older
2. But gradually, as must happen, the world grew older.
Then one day something terrible happened
3. Then one day something terrible happened... Dark clouds of negativity came and surrounded the: world and blocked out the sunlight.
The darkness of negativity drained out the life
4. The darkness of negativity drained the very life from the world. Finally, the world fell from its place high in the sky. Bruised and broken, it cried out in despair.
The cries of distress
5. The world's cries of distress awoke the people all over the world. They all felt deep concern, seeing their beautiful world sobbing on the ground.
At first they started to blame...
6. At first they all started to accuse each other, but eventually they realized it was no one's fault. They all sat back feeling helpless. No matter how hard each one tried to do something, it wasn't enough. Soon they began to wonder: could the world ever get better?
Then, someone had an idea...
7. Then suddenly one stood up. ''I've got an idea! Instead of trying one at a time, let's all try together! By cooperating with each other surely we can make the world better!"
One by one they started to help...
8. The doctor stepped forward and gave concern. The mother stepped forward and gave tolerance and love. The businessman stepped forward and arranged funding.
And each one gave something...
9. The child gave her innocence, the politician lent his support. The old couple, the teacher, the accountant, one by one all stepped forward and helped in whatever way they could.
Everyone worked together...
10. The priest and the yogi worked together and united the people of all religions to give the world back its soul, its life. At last the world was again filled with truth, peace, hope and harmony.
They Formed a ladder to the sky
11. Then all joined together and formed a ladder to the sky. One by one they passed the world up and returned it to its proper place in the sky. Together they did what none of them could have done on their own.
And the world became healthy and strong again...
12. Once again, the world was strong, healthy and happy - just as it was in the beginning - high in the sky where the sun shone on it all the time.
...that's how Global Cooperation for a Better World began!

Global Co-operation for a Better World

The Voices of Global Co-operation

During this Global campaign, people across 120 countries expressed their feelings and translated their thoughts about a better world in the form of art, comments and activities, and they participated in encouraging others to share their hopes and dreams also. What they expressed was so incredible that the Brahma Kumaris created a book of Global Cooperation and presented this to the United Nations in 1988. Below, are some of the heart felt excerpts... Click on any to open and see them in full size.

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