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In the 1970's, a Senior Yogi travelled from Mt Abu in India to tour Perth, Sydney and Melbourne through the Hatha Yoga network. The message was so inspiring that shortly afterwards, Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centres were opened in Sydney and Melbourne and quickly became very busy. At this point, the person in charge asked for an experienced teacher to help us with our learning. Dr Nirmala Kajaria was among the first to arrive and she became based in Australia as the Regional Coordinator for the Asia Pacific Region for many years.
Brahma Kumaris Centres for Spiritual Learning (BKCSL), ABN 15286324686, is an incorporated entity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) as a not-for-profit charitable educational organisation. The organisation operates a Building Fund Account which has Deductible Gift Recipient Status with the Australian Taxation Office.

Didi Nirmala

Regional Coordinator of Australia and Asia, Practicing Yogi of 50 yrs

Charlie Hogg

National Coordinator of Australia a Practicing Yogi of 45 yrs


Dr Nirmala talks about how meditation can help us to stabilise ourselves and strengthen our emotional side

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  • Regular BK students assume responsibility for the management, administration, publicity, catering, maintenance and running costs at each of our Centres.
  • We are often helped by people who have taken benefit from our programs who volunteer their time, money and energy.
  • As well as our Centres, Retreat Centres and Course Locations, we offer programs in community rooms, libraries and other public places.

We are a pretty friendly group and we know our stuff! Our information is so versatile that even if you were to practice a totally different Meditation Style we could probably still enhance your meditation experience.

When it comes to hard yakka - we've done the hard mile!  Everything you could experience in Meditation - we've already experienced.  We know the a, b, c, of Meditation and we know how to make it easy...   :-)


What Makes our Meditation Different and Why it can be Useful - even if you practice something else...

  • We share a framework that we use for transformation and life-changing experience. This is based on a series of understandings that combine to help us to create our own self-mastery and re-gain control of our lives. We'd like to make this available to you - if you think you'd like to develop it for yourself.
  • We like to focus on developing our 'inner' strength. This is a whole lot easier when you understand we are immortal beings of light that are merely living in a physical reality. The other choice is to believe you are a physical being trying to live a Spiritual Reality.
  • We understand that it's not possible to have happiness until we know how to control our own Peace Levels. When we are Peaceful on the inside... our whole world can be a whole lot happier on the outside. This reveals our inner and outer worlds.
  • We have a step-by-step process that helps us to focus on our deep inner strengths and potentials, which then begin to flourish and expand, the more we understand them.
  • In meditation we learn the value of silence. Silence takes us into a world of stillness and stillness allows us to create a quiet mind on the inside. This develops Peace..
  • We understand that real spirituality is being able to remain cool and practice the virtue we need when things are bad. Doing this strengthens our self-respect.
  • When we are able to master the energy of love we have more power in situations and we get more from giving, than taking...
  • Focusing on the virtues that we and others have allows us to be free of seeing defects. This way, important relationships are healed and not harmed.

Making it Workin 3 steps

We all walk our own journey so choose what makes your heart sing :-)


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