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We are a worldwide spiritual movement
of like-minded individuals.

About us Melbourne

About us Melbourne

About us Melbourne

About us Melbourne

About us Brisbane 2

About us Brisbane 2

About us Brisbane

About us Brisbane

Our places

Melbourne Meditation shop

Located on Melbourne’s popular Brunswick Street in Fitzroy is our Meditation Centre and bookshop that houses a quiet room, offering an oasis to escape from a hectic day or a busy mind. Passersby may drop in during working hours and on weekends. Meditations are available on request in this tranquil setting. There is no fee. Relax and unwind while browsing meditation books, CDs and DVDs and pick up the latest information on upcoming events.

Opening Hours:

Our Shop is run by volunteers.
We try to open Tuesday - Sunday from 12pm to 5pm - BUT PLEASE CALL FIRST to be sure someone will be available.
If the door is closed, PLEASE RING THE DOOR BELL
- if someone is available they will let you in.

Our usual hours (please call to confirm)

     Tuesday to Friday 12.00 noon ­ 05.00 pm

     Saturday & Sunday 12.00 noon ­ 05.00 pm

     03 9417 4883

or Visit us Online: eternityink.com.au



National headquarters

The Brahma Kumaris National Headquarters at Five Dock, Sydney coordinates activities across in Australia, acting as the communications hub, both internally and externally. This is the home to the Board of Directors and the
Chief Executive.

In keeping with the growing demand for our community service programs after more than 25 years in Ashfield, the BKs recently relocated to the former Inner West Courier office space in Five Dock.

The community in Australia has also played a prominent role in opening BK centres across the Asia-Pacific region and continues to support growth in the region. For this reason, the Regional Office based in Five Dock, acts as a communications hub and also provides spiritual sustenance through senior teachers, who regularly visit countries in the region.

Other centres

Sanctuaries of Peace

These spaces offer an oasis of peace where you can leave the world outside and retreat for a while into safe, peaceful surroundings to feel the rhythm of your inner being, the soul.

Daily programs are available for regular students and the centre is usually open to the public each evening from
7–7:30 pm for meditation. Each centre arranges its own programs and meditation courses in response to local community needs. Please contact your local centre for more information on its opening hours.

Some dedicated longtime BK students offer courses and workshops in community rooms or their own home. These teachers are experienced long-term meditation practitioners and regular students, who have expanded the geographical reach for BK activities.

Retreat centres

For anyone wanting to bring about transformation in their life, one of the most supportive and renewing
decisions you can make is to participate in a spiritual retreat.

Brahma Kumaris Australia is fortunate enough to be the custodian of three beautiful retreat and study

Each facility is managed by dedicated volunteer yogis, who share their life experiences and wisdom in
retreat sessions. Daily meditation routines contribute to the learning atmosphere, and we appreciate
your support for this subtle focus on being positive and reflective during your stay. Our culture of
meditation creates a pure atmosphere that enables you to experience inner peace and a profound
connection with your own being and the Source of all understanding.

You will find that nature does her work too, offering a stress-free environment. All meals are
wholesome vegetarian choices cooked with love, and the entire grounds are also smoking-free zones.

Our Inspiration

You can call it meditation if you like. You can call it coming home to yourself. You can call it being present or resting in the certainty of your own being­ness. You could also just call it remembering.

Whatever name makes you feel most comfortable and inspired, the basic idea is the same. Brahma Kumaris has spent more than 75 years, in over 100 countries, experimenting with and developing what we call Soul Consciousness. We understand it as an intrinsically natural state of the self, which when re­awakened, allows each of us to align with and nourish our most inner being. The results? More confidence, lightness, depth, joy, capacity for open heartedness and love, together with the ability to live from my own truth.

‘Raja Yoga’ is the basis of all courses and retreats offered by Brahma Kumaris. The fundamentals are about returning to the natural state of self­rule, where each one feels secure and full.

All activities are freely gifted to the community. As a charity, we welcome voluntary contributions to assist with the running of our centres.

 Charlie Hogg
Charlie Hogg
National Coordinator

Charlie found his passion while travelling and returned to Australia in 1977 to become one of the first teachers with the Brahma Kumaris here. His infectious happiness and words of wisdom are in high demand all over the world. Charlie has spent four decades inspiring people to bring practical spirituality into their everyday lives.

Dr Nirmala Kajaria
Dr Nirmala Kajaria
Regional Coordinator, Asia Pacific

Dr Nirmala gained an appreciation of BK meditation while operating a women’s medical clinic in Mumbai. After opening and running a Centre for the organization in India, she was asked to oversee activities in Australia. She has since returned to India and is also the Director of the Academy for a Better World, Mt. Abu.

We are inspired by the certainty that each one can make a difference to our future and to our 'now'

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