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Young Adults

Young Adults (9)

  • Making silence practical
  • React vs Respond

    React vs Respond

    On my spiritual journey with the Brahma Kumaris, one of the many beautiful transformations has been from ‘reacting’ to ‘responding’ to situations or people. People ask me, ‘well, what’s the difference between the two?’ I understood the difference more clearly once I felt the result of both within me. Allow me to share some insights on these two R’s from my experiences.

  • Real Diwali

    Real Diwali

    Diwali, the Hindu ‘festival of lights’ is celebrated every year with great pomp, especially in India. This year’s celebrations got me thinking deeply about the spiritual significance of this festival. Although Diwali is popular in India and among those with Indian backgrounds, may I suggest that this celebration is relevant for all souls of the world?

  • A Detached Observer
  • Being a Fragrant Flower
  • Inside out

    Inside out

    The power to withdraw has become foreign in this noisy, superficial and materialistic world. However it is one spiritual power that rests dormant in us. Once awakened, it creates a beautiful space away from the bombardment of words, worries, options, deadlines and fears, leaving a healthy distance from outside pressure and rush. Like a tortoise sheltering its head inside the shell, I tap into my silent reservoir and meet myself, the soul, the original and eternal part of myself.

  • Accepting people as they are

    Accepting people as they are

    ‘When we make this moment happy, we increase our chances of enjoying the next moment too’

    Sometimes we feel that other people are giving us sorrow by not acting the way we want. When facing this challenge on our spiritual path, we first understand that everyone is not going to behave according to our expectations.

  • Getting on Top of Fear

    Getting on top of fear

    For some time, I have observed how everyday life can be based on fear. If I feel fear is a natural thing— something necessary. I may fear speaking disrespectful words or acting in ways that harm a relationship. Also some people say fear is good for growth yet when abused, it leaves us feeling damaged. Other fear comes from anxiety about the future or uncomfortable experiences in the past. Day by day I sense this kind of fear is rising due to people’s increasing commitments.

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    Young Adults iMeditate

    As young adults from various ethnic and religious backgrounds who have a variety of careers, we share a common aim to consciously co-create a more peaceful, happy, and loving self and world, from the inside-out. We welcome you to join our iMeditate programs for young adults offered around Australia. These events allow you to:

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