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Meditation (5)

  • Everyday Meditation

    Everyday Meditation

    I meditate to re-experience my own goodness and for me this brings things into perspective. Small niggling doubts about how my life is turning out are softened. Slow burning worries about my future security (and that of our planet's) are given a more optimistic direction, not as a denial or cover-up, but rather as an inspiration to appreciate that many things are OK.

  • Meditation
  • All of a sudden
  • Soul Time

    Soul time

    Many of us spend our daylight hours reacting to what’s happened. What someone has said, or even being upset about something that might happen! A rare few actually choose to act in full awareness of what he/she is doing and the likely consequences. In light of this human habit, my personal quest has been to become more alert to what I think and do, and only act in a way that I feel is creative and constructive. If possible, a gentle touch doesn’t go astray either because I know that what I send out into the world comes back to me, often straight away.

  • Raja Yoga Meditation

    Raja Yoga Meditation

    Welcome to our Raja Yoga meditation blog. This blog will focus on Raja Yoga meditation used by the Brahma Kumaris community in Australia, and people’s experiences with Raja Yoga meditation.

    The focus of this meditation is to awaken and nourish our sense of self as a spiritual being — a soul —who has a natural instinct for peace of mind and respect for all living beings, including animals and our planet.